Cooking Set Including Large Oven


  • With this cooking set, your children can explore the wonderful world of cooking.
  • Helping children develop a love and understanding of food and food preparation that will last them a lifetime.
  • Teaching children language skills, sorting, matching, decision making, hand-eye coordination, colour recognition, and sensory exercise.
  • Playable with parents or friends, this game will improve parent-child interaction, friendship, and communication skills.
  • This play set has battery-powered light and sound functions on the stove, oven (3 x C batteries needed)
  • Large & heavy item to transport

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Toy 814

1 x oven
1 x oven shelf
1 x mixer
4 x mixer attachments
1 x blender
1 x pan
1 x wok
2 x lids
1 x grill pan with rack
1 x muffin baking tray
1 x chopping board
1 x knife
1 x blue spatula
1 x pink fish slice
3 x plates (red, green, yellow)
3 x milkshake glasses (red, green, yellow)
3 x spoons (red, green, blue)
3 x egg
3 x lettuce slices
3 x potatoes
3 x corn
3 x steaks
3 x bread rolls
3 x muffins
1 x lemon
1 x green grapes
1 x watermelon