Construction Express Train

  • This is a really big train set with loads of vehicles included
  • Children can use the straight and curved pieces of track to create multiple layouts they have in mind
  • The train engine moves forward, features working headlights and pulls a crane car, a hopper car and a caboose
  • Children are learning problem solving and logistical skills through trial and error they are able to build a train track that can form a continuous loop
  • Developing communication skill and vocabulary by using descriptive commentary whilst playing with your children gives them so much more understanding of the world around them
  • Learning different concepts:
  • Future, past and present terminology, for example: the train went around the track, the train is going around the track and the train is going to go around the track;
  • First, second and third carriages;
  • Stop / go;
  • Fast / slow
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16 x train tracks
1 x engine
1 x two flatbed car
1 x dump truck
1 x bulldozer
1 x crane car
1 x caboose car
1 x hopper car
6 x wooden jewels


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