Handa’s Surprise Story Book with Finger Puppets

  • Handa’s Surprise is a lovely story by Eileen Browne about a girl who wants to treat her friends to delicious fruit, but her plans go awry as several pesky different animals steal the fruit from her basket!
  • Using the Handa’s Surprise finger puppets in this pack will help children to engage more deeply with the book and they are perfect for bringing this lovely children’s story to life. Role-play also allows children to explore different situations through interactions with others.
  • The Handa’s Surprise story teaches children about kindness towards others.
  • You can also learn about different animals, such as elephants, giraffes, zebras and antelope.
  • Developing early literacy skills by reading and sharing stories also help the children get to know sounds, words and language.
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Toy 2952

1 x Handa’s Surprise story book

9 x finger puppets

  • girl
  • monkey
  • ostrich
  • zebra
  • elephant
  • giraffe
  • antelope
  • parrot
  • goat


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