Monkey Puzzle Story Book with Finger Puppets

  • Monkey Puzzle is an amazing story written by Julia Donaldson. The story follows a little lost monkey’s journey to find his mother. With the help of butterfly, he discovers the differences between himself and other animals.
  • Using the Monkey Puzzle finger puppets in this pack will help children to engage more deeply with the book, and they are perfect for bringing this lovely children’s story to life. Role-play also allows children to explore different situations through interactions with others.
  • As we read this book, you can talk in detail about the characters in the story, describing what they look like, and discussing where the story was set and how you know this.
  • You can learn about different animals that can be seen in the jungle, also their names and characteristics.
  • Developing early literacy skills by reading and sharing stories, also helps the children get to know sounds, new words and language.
  • Younger readers will enjoy the illustrations and spotting the animals. Older readers are likely to enjoy the rhyming text and also remember parts of it.


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Toy 2954

1 x Monkey Puzzle story book

8 x finger puppets

  • monkey
  • butterfly
  • elephant
  • snake
  • spider
  • parrot
  • frog
  • bat


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